Saturday, February 22, 2020

Stefanie Seitz: Straumann® n!ce™ glass ceramic material for a single crown restoration in the...

“This case utilizing n!ce™ was, in fact, nice. It achieved an excellent clinical result, and more restorations, including traditional fixed restorations, are planned for...
edentulous treatment case study

Case Study: Fully edentulous treatment with coDiagnostiX

Presented by P. Garrett, K. Trobough, R. Sugita and A. Pitz, Texas/USA Introduction Edentulism is a worldwide health issue. This case describes how a fully edentulous...
Straumann nice

Grind, polish, done!: indirect procedures in the dental workflow

A clinical case report by Johannes Beiter, Germany which sees amalgam fillings being replaced with glass-ceramic restorations. Workflows and procedures in practice are changing as...

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