Dr Mohsin Patel

Leeds-based dental practitioner and winner of the Best Young Dentist Award 2015, Dr Mohsin Patel explains how the years of trust he gained in Straumann’s products and services persuaded him to use them to purchase the 3Shape TRIOS® 3 intraoral scanner.

When making a major investment in equipment, it all comes down to having a good relationship with the distributor and the trust and experience gained with them over time. My practice has been using Straumann® Dental Implants for a few years and I’ve felt their support has been absolutely fantastic both on a national and local level, so investing in the 3Shape TRIOS® 3 scanner was a fairly easy decision.

We opted for the portable TRIOS® Pod scanner due to manoeuvrability within our multi-level practice as it’s easier to transfer between different clinicians and dental surgeries.

The 3Shape TRIOS® 3 scanner is designed to be so user-friendly that anyone who knows their way around a computer should be clued-up on how to use one. After the two-hour introductory session, everything else about the scanner is easy to self-learn. We’ve had no issues with either the scanner or the software that utilises the scans. It absolutely helps having a lab that is also experienced in digital scans because then the technical side of things is easily communicated.

Patients benefit, as do practices

As hard as I used to try to explain to patients what a palatal defect on an upper-right crown margin looks like, it sometimes felt like they may not have totally believed me or fully understood what I was trying to explain. But with the intraoral scanner I can show this wonderfully clear image to them and see the level of understanding in their eyes. It makes communicating that information that much more effective.

For the patient there is also the obvious benefit of not having to endure a conventional impression and for the small percentage of our patients who have an extremely severe gag reflex that’s a great added bonus. A lot of patients feel privileged to have such technology used to provide their dental restorations, so in terms of a practice builder and in terms of stress-free dentistry for the patients, it’s a fantastic tool.

Comparison with conventional impressions

In communicating information both to the lab and to patients, clearly the intraoral scan far exceeds in that capacity compared to a conventional impression. I also think intraoral scans are highly useful when you are taking an impression from a patient in an especially complex case such as a full mouth rehab.

Over a series of appointments, the practitioner would normally have to take several impressions to go from stage 1 to stage 2, to final restoration. With an intraoral scan, they don’t have to scan the whole mouth again. You erase the part of the mouth that needs to be updated, which makes the scanning and ultimately the impression-taking process take seconds as opposed to a full five or six minutes. It saves a lot of clinical time and it’s a lot easier to use in those advanced cases.

It adds value to your business

When considering purchasing the 3Shape TRIOS® 3 scanner we knew it was going to help in providing our treatments and cut down treatment time and clinical time, but more importantly I’m certain the indirect value it has had on our business is more than that can be measured.

This added value comes for example from the improved brand awareness, the reputation boost to our practice from simply having an intraoral scanner is already spreading by word-of-mouth and through our website. So all-in-all our experience of moving into digital dentistry has been transformational for our practice and choosing Straumann is proving to be the best way to achieve it.

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