Unbelievably, coDiagnostiX – Straumann’s revolutionary implant treatment planning and guided surgery software – is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. To honour this milestone, and proving that this software can actually be seriously fun to master, implant clinician Dr Mohsin Patel tell us why, in just six months, using coDiagnostiX now feels like a hobby to him.

My journey into the world of digital dentistry has only been around six months long, but it feels like it might well be six years in terms of the experience I’ve already gained. Mastering the art of implant treatment planning at first seemed a daunting task, but what I wasn’t expecting was the power and influence that coDiagnostiX has had on our treatment outcomes in such a short time.

We use coDiagnostiX for surgical planning and for manufacturing surgical guides to aid in accurate placement of our dental implants. Despite the serious nature of what’s involved, it’s actually great fun to use this technology, so much so it feels almost like a hobby. Yes, I won’t deny there is a learning curve involved, but anyone who is confident using computers, especially those of my generation brought up on computer games, you can generally master coDiagnostiX quite easily.

Unrivalled accuracy

Prior to using coDiagnostiX we were quite happy with our implant protocols, we didn’t have significant complications, and everything seemed to be going along well. However, I found that a small percent of the implants that I placed weren’t an absolute replica of what was planned on the CT scan. Whilst the difference was minimal and did not influence immediate success rates in any way, it wasn’t precise enough for me in terms of the post-op X-ray compared to the digital plan.

Now I’m working with coDiagnostiX I find I can get that accuracy. I can place the implant exactly where I’ve positioned it on the CT scan and this level of accuracy means the post-op X-ray will look identical to the preoperative plan on the CT scan. Also, it will theoretically be in the optimum position when taking neighbouring anatomical structures into account for the best long-term outcomes for the patient.

Long-term success

While early success rates measured over five years possibly are not going to be influenced significantly by a coDiagnostiX-aided implant placement versus a freehand-aided implant placement, I truly believe the long-term outcomes will show the consistency we can achieve from using a surgical guide. In years to come coDiagnostiX will far exceed the current success rates when looking at the same number of implants placed using the freehand technique.

Proof in the planning

For our implant team, the post-op X-ray tells the real story. When we’ve audited our implants we’ve seen that when using surgical guides the post-op X-rays are identical, or as close as you can possibly get to our preoperative plan. As a clinician this is something we should all be striving for – to achieve the optimal clinical outcomes that we planned in the first place.

And it can be fun as well thanks to coDiagnostiX’s intuitive software. Happy anniversary coDiagnostiX – here’s to the next 20 years!

Dr Mohsin Patelon treatment planningDr Mohsin Patel of Infinity Dental Clinic in Leeds won the Best Young Dentist Award in the National Dentistry Awards 2015. He was selected to be a Straumann ‘Rising Star’ in both 2015 and 2016. He is actively involved in educating fellow dentists in the field of Implant dentistry, and mentors fellow implant surgeons. Mohsin Patel is an official Straumann Accredited Mentor as part of his ongoing commitment to Dentistry and education.

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