Roger Scholes of Market House Dental Surgery in Chichester has some interesting and honest opinions on intraoral scanners. The Revu gets up close and personal to find out what he has to say.

Which intraoral scanner do you currently use?

I have a 3Shape TRIOS® Wireless which I’ve been using for about six months now. I tested a range of the scanners currently on the market and I found this one to be the most time-efficient for the work that I do. I found the others too slow, and though they all did a good job, dental practices have to work pretty quickly, so a scanner has to get the job done and digest the data quickly – which this one does very well.

The day I decided that I was not going to do any more conventional impressions was when I was trying to take an impression out of the mouth of my old GP and it was quite tricky to get out, making the whole experience really unpleasant. That was the final straw and within six months I had gone digital. I’d had enough, I had to move out of the 1950s – it was time to move on.


In terms of accuracy how are you finding the TRIOS?

It is definitely accurate. We’ve done some pretty tricky and complex restorations including large scale implant work and the results have to be absolutely spot on. No ledges at the margin and the fits are beautiful. As a member of the British Society of Occlusal Studies, I am keen on occlusion and I am impressed. To do this completely digitally is just incredible.


Is digital scanning more efficient?

There are many ways a conventional impression can go wrong – from the material not being set fully before removal or getting an air-blow to it being distorted on packaging – there’s so much room for error. Whereas with a scanner these problems are eliminated. I can see exactly what I have captured on the screen and if I want to repeat an area it’s easily rescanned and the software ‘stitches’ it in to the correct place. I also involve my nurse much more now – rather than me doing a preliminary scan at the initial appointment my nurse does this for me, once the tooth is prepared I can then scan just this area and again the software will place the rescan in to the correct place. This saves me surgery time and gives my nurse more involvement in our work.


How do your patients find digital impressions compared to conventional impressions?

My motivation to seriously look at adopting a digital impression system was to improve patient comfort and it certainly does this. All round it’s a nicer patient experience, especially for patients who have gag reflexes. Also, it’s a great education tool as patients can see the images in great detail and often comment that they didn’t realise they had a chip or broken tooth and could they have this fixed too!


Why did you purchase your scanner from Straumann?

I did look closely at several different suppliers, but I decided that Straumann had more to offer me. They are a company I have trust in and the support I’ve had has been very good. I want to work with a company who are there to offer guidance and support and Straumann have been excellent in providing me with this. Also, they provided me with a choice of finance options which was very helpful.


Has digital scanning changed the way you communicate with your labs?

Digital scanning has made communicating with labs much easier and faster, no matter where they are located – in most cases, scans can be with the lab before the patient has even left the room! Also, working digitally gives the opportunity to communicate more effectively with the lab and achieve better all-round results especially with more complex patients.


Would you give a few final words of advice for a dentist considering adopting digital scanning?

Do your research – there are several scanner options on the market and it’s important to decide which one is right before committing. Also, make sure whoever you buy a scanner from has the resources to support you with after care service and support.



Roger-James Scholes is a Dental Surgeon at Market House Dental Practice, Chichester, West Sussex.


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