Prosthetics and cadcam

As we see the current trend in prosthetics increasingly shift towards digitalisation, every dental lab faces the challenge of having to deliver faster and cheaper restorations.

Digital dentistry is here to stay with the outlook of strongly developing in the coming years, CADCAM prosthetics and digital impression taking is becoming increasingly popular.

Successfully providing everything that you need, the CARES® X-StreamTM solution offers new options when combining the Straumann VariobaseTM Abutment, the full-contour crown or coping of zerion®, IPS e.max CAD, coron® and polycon® ae. Labs with connectivity to CARES® X-StreamTM can enjoy the benefits of a “one scan, one design and one delivery” process.

With the CARES® TAN abutment, labs with experience in the veneering of titanium can waive the coping and can rapidly finalise restorations. In addition to the CARES® Prosthetic App for eligible Dental Wings and 3M Lava users, a new interface provides connectivity for 3Shape users who want to have access to CARES® customised abutments and other applications.

Labs working with the Straumann® Prosthetic System can use the CARES® Scan & Shape service to obtain CARES® prosthetic components. With additional offerings and a revamped web platform, the service offers great convenience without having to invest in additional CADCAM equipment.

Cost-effectiveness – The new options provided by the CARES ® X-StreamTM solution offer strong incentives for price-sensitive labs that are facing price pressure.

Precision – Original on original solutions are the perfect match in every respect by working with high-tech components designed to optimally harmonise. It is therefore no surprise that the Straumann® original implant-abutment connection offers a 97% success rate in long-term clinical performance.

EfficiencyThe key to competitiveness and improved laboratory profitability lies in an efficient digital workflow, streamlining clinical steps and simplifying long processes, while ensuring thorough validation of the Straumann® CARES® workflow to deliver high-quality prosthetic results.

CARES® X-StreamTM is an innovative example of these guiding principles: this application provides a single-tooth full prosthetic solution, with flexibility of use, to restore Straumann® implants. With only one scan and one simultaneous and adaptive prosthetic element design, all required prosthetic components (e.g. abutment and corresponding crown) are manufactured in the validated Straumann environment and arrive together in a single delivery with excellent fit of the components.

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