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Many technicians are now seeing the benefits that CADCAM can bring to the production of bars and implant supported structures but when it comes to selecting a manufacturing partner it can pay to choose a company that can offer exacting and reliable fit, design options, high quality finish and flexibility of service.

The ‘perfect fit’ of a prosthetic unit to either the fixture head or an abutment can make or break (quite literally) the success of the implant case in the longer term. Gaining a precision fit can be extremely challenging even when using CADCAM, however Createch Medical with their origins in the aeronautic industry and now a pioneer in the field of implant-borne prosthetics, specialises in the manufacture of high quality, innovative, CADCAM implant bars and substructures which meet the exacting standards needed to deliver  success.

hibrida-mun%cc%83onesWith a wide range of structure solutions for prostheses, the results of their developments are unique CADCAM structures that make them leaders in the sector. Moreover, the high-quality titanium alloy from which these CADCAM bars are milled results in a one-piece framework that is both lighter and stronger, greatly improving predictability of production and fit, saving time and money all round.

No need to buy software or a scanner

Many technicians would like to adopt CADCAM technology but are fearful of the costs, however CADCAM bars and frameworks are available to all labs without the need to buy a scanner or software.

As part of this and in association with Straumann, the direct to your laboratory milling service, available via Createch Medical, allows you to produce high quality screw-retained bars and bridges for fixed and removable prosthetics to accuracies probably never before seen in dentistry. These CADCAM structures offer a high success rate in terms of passive fit, have a minimal risk of needing to be remade and give a high degree of confidence for clinicians seeking to predictably plan these full-arch cases. Createch’s compatible frameworks can be used with over 30 implant brands and over 200 implant connections, offering compatible customised prosthetic solutions for almost all currently available implant systems.

Createch for Straumann solutions gives technicians the flexibility to deliver the simplest case to the most advanced in the most convenient and effective way, regardless of their digital capabilities. The unique portfolio offering, combined with unrivalled quality and outstanding service and support, meet the extreme stringency required to produce milled components of unique accuracy with the choice of straight or angulated screw channels, up to 25°, at both implant and abutment level on multiple systems.

Strength and comfort

The same digital production processes that enable the precise fit of CADCAM milled bars gives them superior strength compared to cast gold or Chrome Cobalt implant bars and substructures. As a milled, one-piece structure, there are no solder joints resulting from separate segments being laser-welded together, nor any fractures, cracks or porosities associated with the lost wax technique by which cast metal bars are produced.

A bar milled or substructure from high-strength titanium alloy, though significantly stronger, weighs less than the same bar cast in gold, resulting in a lighter, more comfortable prosthesis. Even in the unlikely event of failure, an exact replica can be milled from the original digital design file, facilitating replacement of the prosthesis without the problem of casting a new bar from scratch.

Unparalleled service

There’s no question that there is more development and innovation to come in this intriguing new world of virtual design. Many of the newer materials and production methods could become beyond the economic scope of anyone but specialist manufacturers, and connecting with third parties with the pedigree of Createch Medical, can bridge the gap and provide access for dental laboratories of any size to this exciting field. Straumann and Createch together offer extended capacity and flexibility to deliver high quality services and products that can be relied on.

A new digital line-up

Launching Sept 2016, with Straumann CARES® Digital Solutions technicians now have everything they need for every step of the treatment pathway. From case planning and centralised milling to in-lab solutions, Straumann are available with a strong 10-man team to help technicians achieve complete precision and efficiency, together with the peace of mind of Straumann’s quality, reliability and service. By adding an all-encompassing digital dimension to their offering Straumann are now much more than a dental implant company – they’re your total solutions provider!

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