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How Straumann is partnering with technicians and labs to help them in the move into the exciting new world of digital dentistry

The latest digital technologies are revolutionising the workflows of technicians and dental labs. The advances in intraoral scanning, CADCAM technology, state-of-the-art milling machines and interconnected software platforms, to name but a few, now offer technicians the opportunity to deliver custom-made solutions with speed, accuracy and precision. In the same way that digital technology has become a fundamental part of everyday life, it is fast becoming a routine part of the work of many technicians, doing away with more mundane tasks whilst maximising productivity, flexibility and patient outcomes.

As more and more labs take the decision to move into a digital workflow it can be difficult for some to know quite where to start. There is the potential for a lot of apprehension in finding the right product information, compatibility issues, value for money and the fear of post-purchase being left with a ‘white elephant’ without skilled installation and proper user training. There is also a real concern that moving into a digital workflow is an all-or-nothing decision with no turning back and the prospect of having to change tried-and-trusted working practices almost overnight.

These concerns have been recognised by digital manufacturers and it has become their responsibility to deliver far more than just a product; they need to offer full support both pre- and post-purchase to make the move into digital as seamless as possible – and that’s where Straumann are truly ahead of the game.

Help is at hand

With such a wide choice of integrated digital solutions from lab-based scanning and milling technology to 3D in-lab printing and central milling, combined with interconnected software platforms, validated workflows and materials, Straumann offer solutions to help labs achieve precision and efficiency along with the peace of mind of quality, reliability and support.

Making the move into digital with Straumann® CARES® Digital Solutions means technicians get the backing of highly-qualified digital lab support teams always on hand to offer technical and business expertise at every stage of the treatment journey. Covering the whole of the UK this support includes product selection, installation, user training, online and telephone support, warranty and maintenance. But don’t just take our word for it…

Resistance is futile!

I wouldn’t want to see all dental technicians assimilated in to a ‘Borg’-like collective, but resistance to digital technology in dentistry is futile!” – so says Harvey James of Pure Dental Lab discussing his lab’s move to a digital workflow. “There are so many advantages to working in a digital environment. It’s a lot cleaner for one and we can produce highly accurate restorations that save us all time and money. 100% of my lab’s metal work is now produced using CADCAM processes and I wouldn’t want to go back to the pitfalls of investing and casting.

 We’ve found the support from Straumann is excellent and has helped us get the most from our equipment through the many services they provide, which to me is invaluable.

Jason Pearson, owner of Jubilee Dental Ceramics has also embraced digital dental technology in his lab and along with the support of Straumann, has seen how it aids, not replaces, the work of the dental technician.

 Straumann offered us a complete digital workflow that combines interconnected software platforms to ensure everything works seamlessly together and there are no issues with incompatibility. Using coDiagnostiX™ and Synergy™ we share cases between our clients and the lab so that optimal implant planning and restoration design happen simultaneously.

 “I’ve found some technicians are concerned about adopting digital processes because they think it will result in job losses, but in my experience, this is not the case. Digital technology is an aid rather than a substitute, changing technicians’ working lives for the better, doing away with the more mundane manual tasks and allowing us to benefit from an optimised digital workflow.

Happy to help

Digital technology is changing technicians’ working lives for the better, and there’s never been a better time to join the digital revolution. The expert Straumann team are here to help you every step of the way to maximise productivity, flexibility and patient treatment outcomes, not just today but with a commitment to provide solutions for upgrading the digital workflow into the future.

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