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Elke Janssens of Straumann talks about the company’s role in supporting dental practices as they move into the world of digital dentistry.

How can Straumann help clinicians adopt digital technology?

It’s a question of seeing which digital solutions best meet the needs of each individual practice or lab. We have a range of solutions to choose from depending on the volume of work and the outcomes customers wish to achieve.

As an established provider in the digital market we offer a range of scanning solutions including 3Shape® Trios and Dental Wings® and collaborate strongly with Amann Girrbach and Createch Medical. These are all high-quality, highly experienced partners who help us to build and constantly improve our impressive digital portfolio.

Going digital can be a big step, requiring financial investment and changes to working practices, so it’s very important to select a supplier who can offer advice and support. Our digital team help customers to make the right decisions, find out what’s best for their practice or lab and work on how they can successfully navigate the world of digital dentistry.

When you connect with Straumann you get the full backing of our highly-qualified support teams, who are always on hand to offer business advice and technical expertise. We have experts across the UK ready to support practices and labs at every stage of the treatment journey, streamlining clinical steps and simplifying production processes. We provide assistance with everything from product selection to installation and product training, offering digital solutions that will work not just for today, but come with a commitment to provide solutions for upgrading those products in the future.

Do you think that digital technology is going to bring clinicians and technicians closer together?

Definitely. And it already is. Digital technology radically improves communication between the practice and the lab and is an opportunity not to be missed. This is particularly true when it comes to taking manual impressions – a process that has traditionally been time consuming, unpleasant for patients (and clinicians) and associated with inherent inaccuracies that often mean the need for remakes as technicians struggle to work with inaccurate margins or deficiencies. Intra-oral scanners have changed all of that. Many clinicians have reported that by adopting intra-oral scanning their dentistry has improved, as they can achieve far more accurate impressions that in turn help the dental labs to produce better restorations, while significantly reducing the number of costly remakes.

There is a vast array of digital solutions that offer fast and secure connectivity between the practice and the lab to streamline communication. With the click of a button, intra-oral scans are transferred from the scanner to the CADCAM system in the lab, to the milling machine, to the 3D printer. This means greater clinical efficiency, profitability and the best outcomes for everyone involved.

What are the patient benefits of digital scanning?

There are many benefits for patients as there’s little or no discomfort, creating a far more pleasant experience. We have also found that by using digital scanning, patient communication is improved as dentists have the opportunity to show the patient their scans and discuss the treatment needed.

There has never been a better time to join the digital revolution. Clinicians, technicians and patients can all benefit from a digital workflow, and by adding an all-encompassing digital dimension, Straumann are much more than a dental implant company – they are your total restorative solutions partner.

Elke Janssens – Director Head of Lab Sales Straumann UK

Ms Elke Janssens serves as a Head of Laboratory Sales at Straumann Ltd. Ms Janssens joined Straumann over 10 years ago with the acquisition of Etkon and has since held a number of sales and marketing roles within the CADCAM portfolio. Her experience of working with dental laboratories in several European countries over a number of years has given her a unique perspective on the current status and future of the dental laboratory marketplace.


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