The Revu catches up with Mo Naeem, Central UK Territory Manager for Straumann® CARES® Digital Solutions.

Tell us: why Straumann?

Straumann has a reputation for producing high-quality, research-based products to the dental industry, allied with excellent customer support and service. As their portfolio of digital products has continued to grow, they recognised the need for a dedicated team of specialists who can support dental practices with the adoption and integration of digital equipment into their workflows.

I am one of the specialist digital territory managers and our remit is to work with practices to help them understand more about the benefits of digital technology and, most importantly, provide support as they take their first steps with these sophisticated pieces of technology.

Do you have a background in digital technology?

My degree was in computer science and my first job after graduating was in sales for a dental software company. From 2009 I worked for a dental product manufacturer, specialising in composites and endodontics, so my current role is perfect as it marries my two areas of expertise – digital and dentistry.

Is your job rewarding?

Yes, it’s very rewarding. There is a real buzz around digital technology at the moment as many practices are keen to see an intra-oral scanner in action and I’m always delighted to arrange a live, in-practice demo. Obviously digital scanning has been around for a while but we now have technology that delivers highly accurate impressions and offers many clinical and practice building benefits.

What does a live, in-practice demo involve?

We put a lot of work into our live demos to make sure that our customers get a realistic idea of how the equipment works in a real-life clinical situation. We ask the practice to obtain consent from a patient to take part, and we contact the practice’s lab before the demo in order to get the practice-lab workflow set up in advance. On the day of the demo, I introduce the scanner and let everyone have a play with it, and then I demonstrate the full workflow, including sending the files to the lab. In this way, the practice staff see first-hand the speed and accuracy that intra-oral scanners deliver throughout the process.  If we have time, we also take a manual impression and directly compare the results.

What are dentists’ biggest concerns about digital technology?

Cost is one of the main concerns for most dentists, along with the change in technique. We have a range of intra-oral scanners available and we work hard to make sure we select the scanner most suitable for each practice depending on their needs. I always summarise the advantages of each and give practice owners an outline of the costs versus savings they will make by adopting digital technology. Add to these the improvement in outcomes and comfort for the patient, and it soon becomes obvious that the advantages far outweigh the initial financial outlay, particularly as they will benefit from our dedicated customer support and service.

How do you support your practices with the integration of intra-oral scanners?

After helping them choose the right scanner, we support them through the initial setup, familiarisation with the equipment and staff training. Any new technology is going to have a learning curve associated with it and the possibility of some teething problems (sorry about the pun!); I make sure that I’m easily contactable to provide support and available to log in remotely to sort out any issues straightway. One of the advantages of working with Straumann is the high level of customer support we provide which really helps practices gain the benefits of intra-oral scanning very quickly.

Final words?

We are living in very exciting times in dentistry and this life-enhancing technology is changing all our lives for the better.  Intra-oral scanners are no longer niche technology only available to high-end practices willing to risk early adoption; they are everyday working tools that deliver far better and more predictable results than manual methods. Yes, there is an initial financial outlay for the equipment but the benefits far outweigh this.

To find out more about Straumann’s range of digital products, visit or contact Straumann on 01293 651230.

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