Why Go Digital?


It’s a very simple question but with many different answers. That’s why The Revu has been talking to three dentists who are part of the world-class dental team working at The Dental Surgery in London’s Corn Exchange – Penny Grace BDS, Kirsty Fiddes BDS and Andrew Gardner BDS (Hons) – to get their expert views on why dentists should consider going digital.

As one of the largest private practices in the UK, keeping up with technology is essential in delivering high tech treatments efficiently. Patient comfort and engagement are also a key focus and for these reasons the practice has recently invested in a number of 3Shape TRIOS® intraoral scanners.

Digital scanning versus wet impressions

Penny Grace, who has been with The Dental Surgery for over 19 years, is a huge advocate of intraoral scanning. She said, “Digital scanning has completely changed the way I do my dentistry. We no longer have to take uncomfortable wet impressions of our patients, making the whole patient experience so much better. The scanning device is clean, quick, easy to use and incredibly accurate. The crown and bridge work we are receiving back from our lab is a perfect fit almost every time and I couldn’t now go back to wet impressions.”

Kirsty Fiddes, who joined the team in 1999, is dedicated to the latest advancements in cosmetic and general dentistry, and the IOS in particular. “Our patients love new technology, they think it’s fantastic. For my patients who don’t like things in their mouth or suffer from a severe gag reflex, quickly sliding a little camera around their mouths is so much easier.

“Showing patients their scan on screen is an incredible sales tool for orthodontics, whitening, crown & bridge, implants or replacing amalgam fillings with white fillings – basically it sells itself. The great thing is you also have a TRIOS app on your smartphone so you can be at home or abroad and still be able to look at your work and share the planning with colleagues. You can’t easily take a wet impression with you when you’re not in the surgery!”

Andrew Gardiner is one of the newest members of the team and is currently undergoing in-practice training using intraoral scanners. He said, “Initially I found I was taking longer using a digital scanner than making a wet impression but I’m gradually picking up speed and my results are improving all the time. I really like the accuracy of a digital scan and I would now only use wet impressions in special circumstances.”

Why work with Straumann?

“We get great support from Straumann” said Penny. “They are not just an implant provider, they offer a range of solutions including digital. We know Straumann well from our implant work and they are fast-forwarding through the digital world. We couldn’t have picked a better scanner and company to be working with.”

Kirsty added, “Straumann has been around for many years and they have a fantastic reputation with the research and development to go with it. They are a company that understands what dentists have been doing for the past 45 years – a great combination.”

Would the team recommend colleagues move into digital dentistry?

“I would definitely recommend going digital to other dentists” said Andrew. “With digital I know the restoration is going to fit so well and that takes all the stress out of treatment.”

Kirsty added, “Digital scanners are very intuitive – even dentists who do not consider themselves digitally-minded will find the whole scanning process quite straightforward. The TRIOS has such a wide range of uses – it seems silly not to have one!”

“I would also strongly recommend any dentist to move into digital dentistry” said Penny. “The restorations we can now provide for our patients are far more predictable. We have a wider choice of restorative materials including zirconia, one of the strongest materials available. Very occasionally I have to do a wet impression but I just wonder how I managed to cope with them for all those years.

“If you have the drive to move into digital dentistry and once you see the beautiful results, you will never go back.”

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