Delegates from the BAIRD Evidence-Based & Clinical Course in Implant Dentistry talk to The Revu about why they highly recommend this course to anyone looking to get ahead in a career in implant dentistry.

Running for the 8th year in Leeds and starting in October 2018, the BAIRD Evidence-Based & Clinical Course in Implant Dentistry has become one of the most successful private courses in implant dentistry in the UK. Led by Course Director, Dr Hassan Maghaireh, this multi-system programme puts a special emphasis on evidence-based teaching by a group of renowned international speakers and local mentors.

The course is suitable for every dentist, from young graduates just starting out on their implant journey to experienced implant dentists who want a better understanding of cosmetic implant dentistry. It provides hands-on clinical training, in collaboration with Straumann and botiss, to teach the necessary skills in guided bone regeneration, soft tissue management around dental implants and management of complex cases. It is designed to be a complete A to Z of implant dentistry with the unique advantage of offering practical training on patients provided by BAIRD under direct mentoring at no extra cost.

What the delegates have to say

The course has received terrific feedback from previous delegates who are already placing and restoring implants with great confidence at their own dental practices. Dentists and course delegates Anna, Dav and Victoria talk about their own particular experiences:

Dr Anna Stokes: “You have one-to-one mentoring on the course and each stage is very carefully planned so you’re able to feel you’ve provided the best treatment you can for the patient and can follow this care onto your patients in your own practice.”

Dr Dav Singh Kalsi: “You need a thorough and comprehensive implant course like this, especially for someone like me just starting out in their implant career. While some people may think it’s too early I’ve learnt such a lot about different aspects of implant and restorative dentistry I think it was a good approach to take.

“I didn’t anticipate there to be such a range of renowned speakers covering so many different topics. I thought the course was going to be a lot more basic but actually the level was absolutely right. I would definitely recommend this course to other dentists.”

Dr Victoria Ivancheva: “I placed three implants during the course with the help of my mentor and I’m proud to say I’ve now placed around 15 implants. Having the opportunity to watch and participate in live surgery on the course really gave me the confidence to go on and achieve this.

“For anyone just starting their implant career or for the more experienced clinician who wants to advance their skills, this is the course to try.”

The BAIRD Evidence-Based & Clinical Course in Implant Dentistry runs from October 2018 to June 2019 comprising of 8 modules run over 24 days. (Optional module 9 is available in Athens.)

For more information and registration please contact:

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