The level of education you choose to embark on relies on the need to create your own structured training programme according to how experienced you are within the field of implant dentistry.

Straumann, together with their educational partner the ITI (International Team for Implantology), offer a comprehensive programme of courses in implant, restorative and regenerative dentistry. Developed around the SAC Classification system (Straightforward, Advanced or Complex), clinicians can successfully identify the degree of complexity and potential risk involved in individual cases, and are carefully aligned to courses and cases according to their individual skills, level and experience.

Involve the whole team

The importance of patient care and customer service in building an implant practice shouldn’t be overlooked, hence dental implant training shouldn’t be just about progressing your own skills. To be successful in this discipline you need to surround yourself with a highly educated and skilled team who feel confident talking to and working with dental implant patients.

As part of a structured pathway, consideration needs to be given to the implant courses available for the whole team. Straumann highly regards the role of the Treatment and Implant Coordinator, the Dental Nurse, Practice Manager and the Dental Technician, and together with the ITI offer a range of courses to support each of their roles within this process.

The aim, to expand their knowledge and skills in implant dentistry and in some circumstances help remove up to 90% of non-clinical dentistry from the implant clinician. A structured learning pathway for the whole team will ensure your implant team provide a high level of customer service and can build excellent relationships with patients.

Get mentored

Mentoring and coaching can be successfully used to accelerate the development of talent, improve clinical outcomes and create a more rewarding professional life. Additionally, mentoring has the ability to prevent clinicians feeling isolated when making complex clinical judgements and when expanding their scope of practice to include the placement and/or restoration of dental implants.

Straumann recognise that working with a dedicated Mentor can make a significant impact in achieving long-term success and have developed their own Clinical Mentoring Programme, partnering clinicians with highly experienced Mentors based on individual skill levels and training requirements.

Being part of this Clinical Mentoring Programme not only provides essential education and training to take the first steps into implant dentistry, but this level of guidance is the safest and most effective way to start successfully and confidently placing and restoring implants within your practice.

Wherever you are in your dental implant career, Straumann have a course and the support to meet your needs. To find out more contact 01293 651270 or visit one of our sites:

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