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Karl Walker-Finch, Associate Dentist at Lindley Dental Centre, Huddersfield talks to The Revu about what he has learnt after undertaking the Intensive 3-day Sinus and Bone Grafting Course with hands-on cadaver surgery

Implant dentistry is a rewarding discipline, but it has become increasingly common for many patients who require dental implants to present with very limited healthy bone to support the implants. As an implant clinician this is a vital part of the treatment process to comprehend and having recently completed a Masters’ Degree in Dental Implantology, and as someone who routinely places and restores implants, I felt the ideal next step to help advance my implant career was to gain a greater understanding around bone and soft tissue reconstructive surgery.

Over the past few years bone and tissue courses have become a key platform for the continuing education of current innovations and concepts in dental tissue regeneration. I first found out about the Intensive Sinus and Bone Grafting Course through several colleagues of mine who highly recommended it having completed the course a year earlier. The course, which is led by Clinical Director Dr Koray Feran BDS MSc FDSRCS, Implant and Restorative Dental Surgeon and supported by Professor Cemal Ucer BDS, MSc, PhD, Oral Surgeon, ITI Fellow, both of whom are excellent tutors, is further supported by course tutors Mr Abbad Toma MBBCh, FRCS, FRCS(ORL) and Miss Sarah Little MBChB, MRCS, FRCSEd, ORL-HNS, MPhil who are both Consultant ENT Surgeons specialising in endoscopic sinus surgery.

An intensive few days
This comprehensive theoretical and practical 3-day course successfully introduces clinicians to advanced sinus and bone augmentation surgery through a pleasant mix of lectures and hands-on surgical training.

A large part of the three-day course focuses on ENT and sinus pathology. Both Mr Toma and Miss Little were absolutely superb and taught me a huge amount about the ENT aspect of approaching the sinuses. Fascinating to watch first-hand, it is a side of treatment that you don’t normally get to see and being able to view and observe all this on cadavers was a truly unique and highly beneficial experience.

The CT scanning element of the course also proved extremely valuable as the tutors talked in great detail about how to achieve the correct scans, expertly covering everything in relation to the anatomy of the sinuses and nasal passages as well all you would need to know to undertake sinus procedures.

The course looks in detail at bone grafting surgery and bone harvesting from the ramus, the chin and other intraoral sites. This is essential to anyone who wants to move on from just placing Straightforward implants and provide more Complex treatment. Clinicians need to be comfortable with Straightforward and Advanced cases before moving on to Complex reconstructive surgery and it’s critical to have the necessary training, guidance and mentoring that this course provides.

Course benefits

The three-day Sinus and Bone Grafting Course is held in both London and Manchester. I attended the Manchester course which is based at the state-of-the-art ICE Hospital in Salford Quays. Day two was spent at the Manchester Surgical Skills and Simulation Centre at Manchester Medical School under the supervision of the full course faculty where we worked on fresh, frozen cadavers. We had all the best modern equipment and every possible tool at our disposal.

Attending this course has given me the confidence to start undertaking more Complex implant procedures. I now have the ability to consider all my cases from a different perspective and this allows me to provide more varied treatments for my patients. I also feel that in addition to now having the confidence to undertake more advanced augmentation procedures, my basic surgical skills have greatly developed.

Without question, being able to get hands-on and perform procedures on a cadaver before going to a patient was the stand out element. It was the key thing that drew me to the course, the part I was most looking forward to and has been the most useful aspect since attending.

All of the course lecturers were so well-informed and always used evidence to back up their arguments. They showed us everything from a different perspective and really gave you confidence in your own ability to go on and do these complex procedures for yourself.

Working with a mentor is vital and gives you a high level of ongoing support. Since being on the course, I’ve been able to approach Professor Ucer and ask for his advice on several of my cases and he has offered to guide me through any future cases.

The next step

Today’s patients have a multitude of options when they elect to have implant treatment – whether that’s with me, the dentist down the road or they choose to go to another country. All I want is to ensure that I have had the best training so I’m in the best position to provide the best care to my patients. As long as I can sleep easy knowing I’ve done my absolute best in practice then I’m happy – and that can only happen with good training.

The next intensive 3-Day Sinus and Bone Grafting Course with hands-on cadaver surgery will be held in Manchester on September 13th-15th 2018. For more information or to book your place please visit

Karl Walker-Finch

Karl Walker-Finch – Associate Dentist

BDS (Liverpool) 2010, MSc Dental Implantology 2017
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