Quickly absorbing information about a range of potential partners was the big idea behind the success of ‘speed dating’. And although dentistry and romance are rarely seen in the same sentence, a similar concept is now driving forward the evolution of implant dentistry teaching. Here Dr Joe Bhat tells The Revu about how the next-level teaching methods are making the Joe Bhat Academy Modular Course in Implant Dentistry the go-to place for the best introduction to implant dentistry.

Do you still believe that all implant teaching is the same? Listening to endless lectures while fighting off the urge to nod off after a long day in a stuffy auditorium? Well, not anymore!

At the Joe Bhat Academy we’ve been working hard to take teaching to the next level and bring fun and excitement to learning about implant dentistry. Moving on from the concept of lectures and Study Clubs to embrace the new concept of innovative Table Clinics, we have introduced concise 20-minute lectures given by four experts in the field, using 15 minutes for the topic and 5 minutes for a group discussion. Delegates are divided into groups of four, moving from one expert to another listening and taking in information, in almost the same way as the speed dating concept.

At the end of the session every delegate has learned about four completely different topics. Why does this work so well? It’s because this is how patients present to us in practice. They arrive with a variety of dental issues, they may not know what treatment they need, so dentists need a rounded view to be able to give the best possible advice to patients so they can make an informed choice.

Getting ahead of the game

Modular courses are definitely the way forward, whatever your level of expertise. I believe we were one of the first to incorporate this method of teaching on such a concise course consisting of 12 contact days covering five modules in just six months. As well as Table Clinics there are plenty of hands-on workshops and live demonstrations from leading implant surgeons using the renowned Neodent® implant system on real patients to get involved in.

The course is designed specifically for those who are starting out in implant dentistry and is suitable for inexperienced and experienced clinicians alike. Delegates come to us with varying levels of experience, so we work hard to make sure that we pair up participants during the modules to ensure they learn from each other and no one feels left out.

Fancy a trip to Brazil?

Another unique aspect of the course is the chance to participate in an optional four-day module in Brazil at a fantastic teaching facility where delegates get a chance to place implants for themselves on live patients. The patients there have their treatment for free so it’s a great benefit for them and delegates get to gain valuable hands-on experience that is second to none. (Please note there is an additional charge for this module and flights to Brazil are not included.)

And finally…

Hopefully one of other unique things about the course is me! I’m a dual specialist, a prosthodontist and an oral surgeon, so I can see things from many different angles. I recognise the surgical pitfalls that people can walk into – some participants arrive with great restorative knowledge but are maybe lacking in surgical skills. I know that by joining this course my experienced implant colleagues and I can teach them what they need to know to really help them in their progression within their implant world.

The next Modular Course in Implant Dentistry takes place between December 2018 and May 2019 at The Moor Park Specialist Dental Centre. The cost is £5,995 with an additional £4,000 for the Brazil module (excluding flights). For more information or to book your place, please email Sarah Jones at sarahjones@moorparkdental.com or call 01923 823504.


Joe BhatDr Joe Bhat – Specialist in Prosthodontics and Oral Surgery

Hon. Visiting Professor Oral Surgery and Prosthodontics

Joe is the principal and founder of the Moor Park Specialist Dental Centre. He is currently a Fellow of the International Team for Implantology (ITI), Fellow of the International College of Dentists (ICD), Examiner for the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh for the Diploma in Implant Dentistry and Examiner for the General Dental Council.




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