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Joe Bhat tells us what really makes him choose an implant system and the latest developments in implant design today.

With a growing number of implant systems on the market, each declaring strong statements that aim to separate them from the rest, the criteria for choosing a system can become something of a minefield. Clinicians can often get caught up with the array of research papers and literature proving their 10-year success rates, and with the array of platform sizes, shapes, materials, surface properties and restorative options to choose from, it can be overwhelming to finally settle on the “chosen one”.

Eventually, and in my own experience, what really makes the success of an implant system is the people behind the brand/product and the level of support one receives from the implant manufacturer – pre- and post-sale! Whilst, the success and failure rates are important to consider, recent developments in implant dentistry mean that there are many similarities between the major implant systems today, and the value really lies with ensuring the manufacturer is behind you every step of the way.

For me, my trust lies with John Aiken, a close friend and then Business Development Manager at Neodent (a Straumann Group Brand). When John first introduced me to the Neodent implant system, what attracted me to it was not only his advice and guidance, but in being backed by Straumann it gave me the confidence that this system was supported by a reputable and globally recognised implant brand that was well worth a try.

From the moment I started using the Neodent Cone Morse (CM) system, I was immediately impressed with its core features and ability to provide a complete solution from straightforward cases, through to more complex full mouth fixed and removable solutions, particularly in those patients that were previously told they were not suitable for implants.

More recently, Neodent have taken a major leap forward in the evolution of their implant system. Taking their 25+ years of knowledge and experience with the reliable Cone Morse design, I’m delighted they have launched their new Grand Morse line. Having successfully made the transition, I now consider Grand Morse as my implant line of choice, as it effectively unites the very best features of the Cone Morse design together with a few new improvements too.

3 grand factors to choose Neodent Grand Morse implants.

  1. A strong connection

A key feature to consider when choosing an implant system is the strength of the implant-abutment connection, and how this affects the surrounding hard and soft tissues following placement of the implant. The Neodent Grand Morse connection is a huge turning point in modern implant dentistry and the data and research shows it’s one of the finest connections currently available on the implant market.

As an implant clinician, one of our biggest concerns is if the connection is poor, the implant becomes loose, then the crown becomes loose, and this is all an inconvenience to the patient and clinician. The proven 16° Morse taper offers long-term mechanical stability without microleakage or microgaps for long-lasting results. The quality of the conical seal between the Grand Morse implant and abutment has been specifically designed to prevent bacterial growth within the implant and thus reduce the risk of peri-implantitis. Additionally, it’s available as a single connection size for all implant sizes, meaning clinicians only have to carry one size of impression coping.

  1. Intelligent implant design for immediate loading

Designed for immediate results, the conical shape and double and progressive thread design of the Grand Morse implant line, together with the counter clockwise cutting chambers, enables clinicians to immediately place and load implants in one single treatment.

With the amount of coverage immediate loading is gaining commercially via social media and radio advertising, patients are now coming into the practice using these keywords to demand an immediate treatment protocol that doesn’t involve a provisional prosthesis.

After 18 years as an implant clinician, this new and intelligent implant design has completely revolutionised my way of practising implant dentistry. It has given me the confidence to load implants from day one and give patients the smile they always wanted sooner. Now they can walk away without any unsightly gaps or uncomfortable dentures – all on the same day!

  1. Increase your implant business

When you combine factors like improved abutment and implant connection together with immediate loading, business really can begin to thrive. In using the Neodent system we are seeing more implant patients than ever before, and the number of implants placed in practice has increased by 50% in just two and a half years. Had I not decided to move on to a system that would allow me to carry out immediate placement and restoration I would have lost a lot of referrals and patients.

When choosing an implant system, cost is a factor, albeit not a decisive factor, and Neodent’s Grand Morse system is a far more affordable choice for a clinician when compared to other brands. With the cost of living continuing to rise and the uncertainty of Brexit, keeping the overheads down ensures that my bottom line continues to flourish.

Thought for the day…

It can be a daunting process choosing, or even switching, implant systems and it’s important that you have a team and implant system behind you to help successfully implement dental implants into your practice. Reputation can go a long way and affiliating with a brand that is considered trustworthy and is renowned for having a specific area of expertise that can help you run your business efficiently and profitably, can be the making of an extremely rewarding relationship.

Find out more about the Neodent Grand Morse Implant System by clicking here.

Dr Joe Bhat

Dr Joe Bhat

Specialist in Prosthodontics and Oral Surgery
Hon. Visiting Professor Oral Surgery and Prosthodontics

Facebook: Neodent GB & IE


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