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By continuously striving to evolve and improve their products and services, Straumann builds and develops relationships with practitioners that last whole careers. In fact, Carbasse Implant and Dental Centre owner, Marc Carbasse, goes as far as to say this relationship has played a major role in his success in implant dentistry.

My preferred implant system is Straumann, from start to finish, for several reasons. The most important factor has been the service and support from the Straumann team who never leave you stranded, whatever the issue. This was powerfully brought home to me when a patient required a restoration around two Straumann Classic, hollow cylinder implants that had been placed some decades earlier. I was surprised and delighted that Straumann, upon my request, went to the trouble of manufacturing replicas of the then obsolete restorative components required to complete the restoration. The incident demonstrated a level of service that is simply second to none.

Building loyalty

My professional relationship with Straumann began over 10 years ago when I started restoring dental implants. Over time you realise which system works well in your hands and which system gives you the most choice. Initially when I started placing implants in 2009 Straumann hadn’t yet launched their bone level implant, so I opted to use their tissue level system which is extensively researched and allowed me to place predominantly Straumann implants.

Straumann now has a full range of options, so instead of having to choose which system to use in which clinical situation, they offer a range of alternatives, from tissue level through to bone level, to tapered, through to immediate load.

Openness has also been key to gaining my loyalty over the years. To be able to throw open their manufacturing doors to their customers is quite refreshing. If you are able to show the inner workings of your factory to your customers, it shows you really have nothing to hide and are proud of what you do. On a visit to the Villeret manufacturing plant in Switzerland we were able to see the lengths they go to achieve the highest standards of research and manufacturing in implant dentistry.

 Impressive success rate

The success rate that I’ve been fortunate enough to have with Straumann is above 99%, which I have to attribute to their system. When it comes to measuring the quality of the implants this success rate speaks for itself, and the precision of Straumann implants has long been well known in the industry. The full arch milled titanium work made by Createch – a wholly owned Straumann milling centre, based in Spain is staggeringly accurate – the way it fits perfectly with the implants, to deliver a passive fit on every single framework that I’ve fitted. I have also come to realise that the SLActive® surfaces are key to the high level of success rates.

Over ten years and nearly a thousand implants later, I have yet to have a Straumann implant fracture, which is just astonishing. Having switched to botiss grafting products over the last three years, I have been impressed with their range of products. Furthermore, they are great value and easy to get hold of as I can order through the Straumann eShop!

The moment you put your name over the practice door you become responsible for everything that happens within it, so that’s why we do everything to the very highest standard from the start, including using optimal materials. Straumann are a big part of this, and overall the relationship with them has just been great. They have listened to my concerns, supported me, and have always been there for me over the years, contributing to helping grow my business.

As a well-established and highly-skilled clinician, Marc makes an ideal perfect referring associate for young dentists across the Kent area for a wide range of specialisms covering implants, periodontics, endodontics, orthodontics, restorative/cosmetic, CBCT scans and hygiene. For more information on Carbasse Implant and Dental Centre’s “fast and efficient” referral process, visit:

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Marc CarbasseBiography:

Marc qualified from Guy’s King’s and St Thomas’ Hospital in London and became a Senior House Officer and then staff grade in Maxfax. He did a MFDS with the Royal College of Surgeons of London then worked in a specialist private practice in London and in Canterbury. He was mentored by Professor Palmer from Guy’s Hospital and did formal training with Professor Ucer in Manchester.




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