Straumann BLX, Immediacy Dental Implant Treatment

Finding a source of stability is one of the most important things you can do in life. Whether it’s an exercise regimen that keeps you focused, a business strategy that keeps you excited, or a new dental implant that offers the best possible results in both the short and long-term it’s vital we find reliable solutions to daily problems.

Many patients will not consider dental implants because of the length of the treatment times and having to spend several months with an imperfect temporary restoration. To address these issues the Straumann® BLX implant has been developed as a “self-drilling” implant. It offers exceptional immediate load and shorter treatment times, both of which improve patient acceptance, which in turn leads to a more stable and profitable practice.

A recent research questionnaire of UK dentists using the BLX system cited the top benefits as the ability to use a reduced number of drilling steps, closely followed by the unique TorcFit™ Connection and that one connection can be used for over 45 different types of implant.

Among the BLX system’s many features is that it is manufactured from Roxolid®, a metal alloy stronger than titanium, and boasts a narrow 3.5 mm implant for anterior placement and a 6 mm short implant for use in the posterior region making the system suitable for all indications. In addition, the dentists surveyed highly rated the optimised screw retained abutment portfolio and the addition of the SLActive® surface which offers faster osseointegration, even in compromised patients.

Another significant feature of the Straumann® BLX implant is its rounded and softened apex, which provides better protection against anatomical obstacles including the mandibular nerve, maxillary sinus or converging dental roots. To allow this implant to engage the surrounding bone tissue, the end of the implant is surrounded by wide threads which makes it possible for the operator to control the direction of insertion during implant placement.

The BLX implant is created with double threads whose spacing and width vary according to their position on the implant, but also according to the length of the implant itself. This unique design allows for efficient and fast insertion. It also provides ideal primary stability in all types of bone through uniform and controlled compaction and densification of the peri-implant bone.

Finally, this design was created to obtain optimised insertion torque values that guarantee ideal primary stability and maximum dissipation of stress from the peri-implant bone. The dentists surveyed found these features highly beneficial with respondents commenting, “great implant for immediacy in tough situations – especially when doing immediate full arch loading protocols”, “the most up-to-date immediate loading implant system with controllable placement of the multi units during surgery” and, “it’s the most complete solution for fully and partially edentulous patients.”

One implant system for all full-arch indications

The Straumann® BLX implant offers the ability to treat all full-arch indications in both the  mandible and maxilla; and optimised implant design for primary stability in different bone qualities. In addition, it offers dynamic bone management – a drilling protocol using VeloDrills® which prevents cortical bone compression in hard bone, easy implant insertion and reduced heat generation. The TorcFit™ connection offers a single connection regardless of implant diameter which was very well received by the clinicians surveyed, as it reduces the surgical and prosthetic components required and considerably simplifies the management of the various instruments.

The Straumann® BLX implant unifies progressive functional design with the high-performance Roxolid® material and the clinically proven SLActive® surface to provide clinicians with confidence for all clinical situations.


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