THE REVU is an interactive platform. Don’t be afraid to talk back. We’d love to hear what you have to say. However please do so in compliance with the following simple rules.

The purpose of the comments function is to share opinions based on elaborated arguments. THE REVU editorial team reserves the right to approve or reject comments based on the rules below. Therefore all comments are subject to a review process. An automatic right to publication does not exist. If you do not agree with the rejection of your comment, please get in contact with the editorial team.

Be transparent

always say who you are

When commenting, always state who you are. Never use any form of manipulation (e.g. fake user profiles, fan pages, or messages) to deceive followers or control a conversation. If you have to correct errors retrospectively, you must inform the readers accordingly in your comment. Monitor your comments and reactions to them. Your e-mail address will not be made public and will be stored solely in connection with the comment.

Be respectful

respect the opinion, race, religion, and culture of others

It is vital when commenting that you respect different views and opinions as well as all individuals, races, religions and cultures, and that you avoid using any obscenities and abusive or discriminatory language. If you do not agree with someone, remain calm and friendly. Please also note that different cultures have different values; comments or comparisons that are considered positive or at least acceptable in some cultures may be viewed as insulting in others.

Act responsibly and offer added value

you alone are responsible for what you publish

It is important that you are aware that you alone are responsible for your statements and actions and for all communications that you publish, and that you may ultimately be held liable for such. You should therefore use your common sense, focus on your core knowledge, and offer added value.

Comply with the law

observe all applicable legislation

The same laws and guidelines apply to comments as to everyday life. For example, copyright and trademark law and the right of privacy (e.g. sphere of personal privacy, data protection, physician-patient confidentiality, etc.). Please be advised that all information in your comments including ideas, questions, photographs, designs, and the like submitted will be considered NON-CONFIDENTIAL. The author of Content will be and remain the owner of the copyright to this Content.

Your comments are reviewed, approved, or rejected based on the following criteria

  • All comments must be written in English.
  • Comments must be related to the topics in the article.
  • Comments may not be solely used to advertise websites, products or services commercially or privately.
  • All sorts of spam, racism, hate propaganda, pornography, agitation of violence, insults, degradation or other aggressive, unethical or rude comments will be disregarded.
  • Comments must always be submitted with a valid e-mail address (will not be made public) and at least the correct first name of the commentator. Ideally the commentator states his profession, location and/or connection to Straumann within the comment text field.
  • The comments fuction has not been developed for the filing of complaints or adverse event reports. If you have complaints or adverse event reports, please contact your local country Straumann representative to report these.

support us in ongoing updates to the Netiquette

These guidelines will be reviewed on an ongoing basis and updated as necessary to meet new requirements. Please help us with updates and inform us of any new developments or suggestions for improvement.