Createch Medical International Symposium

The 2nd Createch Medical International Symposium

Bringing lab and clinic closer through digital workflow

San Sebastian is a beautiful place… miles of golden sand, coupled with great shopping and wonderful food – what more could you ask for? Well how about a little bit of dentistry and a great party! Imagine all of this and you’ll get the idea of the 2nd Createch Medical International Symposium which was held on 25th May 2018 in San Sebastian, Spain.

Createch Medical are a dental engineering company, with origins in the aeronautical sector, who manufacture a wide range of unique prosthetic solutions. The result of these developments are unique CAD/CAM structures that make Createch Medical the go-to company for all implant-supported substructures in a range of materials.


The 2nd Createch Medical International Symposium ‘Bringing lab and clinic closer through digital workflow’ was a triumph in that the speakers were not guided to talk specifically about Createch but instead presented on an array of digital topics of interest to the international audience of clinicians and technicians.

Dr Aritza Maté started the day discussing the very interesting topic of ‘Functional and aesthetic digital designs: from wax-up to ­final result’. This presentation showcased how a patient can have their restoration designed and digitised to see the results before they start treatment. Dr Maté showcased his use of the latest digital technology and a range of fabulous case reports which were very well received.


Homegrown talent

The UK’s very own Richard Elliott, Managing Director of Queensway Dental Laboratory in Billingham, Teesside, presented an excellent lecture focused on ‘Good communication between lab and clinic: the secret of a happy relationship’. The presentation highlighted how, with modern communication methods, the working relationship between technician and clinician can be improved for the benefit of all. Richard went on to explain his use of digital scanning and 3D printing coupled with his use of Createch’s milling technology that has revolutionised his working practices for the better.


Miquel Coronel discussed ‘Harmony and Simplicity: back to the origins’ showcasing and explaining the delivery of complex overdenture cases supported by Createch milled bars. The quality of the work showcased was exceptional and Miquel made us all think that even when patients have complex needs they can treated in a highly successful way.

After a very successful morning we were presented with a beautiful lunch with wine… we were in San Sebastian after all! And when Dr Francisco Teixeira Barbosa took to the stage for the afternoon session no one was falling asleep. At first Francisco debated with the audience if he should present in Spanish or English and Spanish won… He went on to explain in very eloquent terms ‘Immediate loading in the present, from analogue protocols to a 100% digital protocol’ including outlining the speed of change within digital dentistry and how all clinicians should now consider the use of digital scanning and planning to deliver successful treatment outcomes, whilst saving time and money.

Thomas Lassen delivered a very insightful presentation ‘New prosthetics on long term-stability implants using high-tech CAD/CAM technology’. This showcased a range of successfully-completed cases using Createch CAD/CAM and digital planning processes. He also demonstrated via a short video the accuracy of complex structures created using these latest processes.


Dr Ramón Gómez Meda delivered the final presentation ‘Combining the best of both worlds: digital and analogic’. Ramón delivered an insightful presentation covering the advantages and disadvantages of CAD/CAM technology and how best in his opinion to successfully combine the analogue and digital world using a multi-disciplinary approach.

Let the party begin!

In the evening we were treated to Createch’s exceptional hospitality as many partied until the small hours at GU San Sebastian. GU is an exceptional venue offering spectacular views of La Concha Bay where we were served beautiful Spanish food, cocktails and great music – a day and a night to remember!

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