Richard Porter BSc, BDS, MFDS RCS, FDS of Rest Dent discusses his training regime at Njinga cycling and why the charity aspect is so important to him. 

“If Lycra doesn’t flatter Bradley Wiggins, the rest of us don’t have a prayer”

My real interest in cycling began when I finished playing rugby and found going to the gym boring. I started commuting to work on a bike to get some fitness, and found my commute to be my favourite part of the day. That was over 15 years ago and I have become a keener and keener cyclist ever since. Riding a bike is one of the best things in life you can do and the sensation of freedom it gives you is unrivalled.

I am a consultant in restorative and implant dentistry at St George’s Hospital in south west London, and that’s where I recently came to meet the team from Straumann for the first time. Hearing from them about the 2016 Bike Ride really captured my imagination. Firstly, it combines my love of riding a bike, which for me is not a hardship but a pleasure, and secondly you get to do something special with a great group of people and raise money for an incredible cause – Bridge2Aid. Put these two things together and I can’t see a reason not to do it and is an opportunity I’d never want to turn down.

Train like a pro

I am an enormous advocate of Njinga cycle training (, led by Head Performance Coach Togo Keynes, that focuses on supporting people both new to road cycling or for those more experienced who want to improve their technique, confidence and overall fitness. Togo has been giving me one-to-one nutrition coaching which I’ve been following for several months now, and it’s been a genuine life-changer for me and my family. It’s not a diet specifically for the ride, but for overall fitness, learning about what to eat, how to source, prepare and put together the best foods in delicious recipes.

I’ve been training with Njinga Cycling for several years, and along with my new diet I now have quite a reasonable level of fitness. One important measure for cyclists is your Functional Threshold Power and I’m continuously trying to up my FTP so I can push myself up those difficult mountain climbs.

All about charity

Aside from working hard on my fitness I have been working on my sponsorship. My friends and work colleagues have all been extremely generous, including those at my Aspire Dental Academy. My family are really supportive as well. My very understanding wife, despite sometimes feeling a bit of a cycling widow, knows that cycling keeps me sane and happy.

The charity aspect of the ride is so important to me. It’s easy for us to go out on a bike ride, but keeping the perspective and comparison of doing this ride on posh, shiny bikes trying to raise money for people who couldn’t even dream of doing something like this is almost too emotional to think about. The pain these people can be in is genuinely disabling, they desperately need our help and we have an opportunity to help. It makes me want to ride all the harder.

If you’re inspired by Richard’s motivation to ride for charity and would like to make a donation please visit the Straumann Charity Bike Ride JustGiving Page

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