Speaking to Steve Booth, on the lead up to his trip to Tanzania, we ask about how he is feeling with the trip just around the corner

  • What excites you most about travelling to Tanzania and seeing first hand the work that B2A do?

I’ve been to Africa before and the people there are so giving when they have so little. It’s because of this that I’m excited to see the cultural differences and what B2A have already managed to achieve out there. To date, they’ve successfully trained over 400 rural healthworkers, giving access to safe, emergency dental pain relief to around 4 million people.

Also, being given the opportunity to see the country and get a feel for the different way of life is a unique opportunity in itself. I know there’ll be mixed emotions, on one hand it’ll be a humbling experience and on the other it will be quite difficult to see how some people live, and to see what an impact basic dentistry can have.

  • Do you have any concerns or things you are not looking forward to on your trip to Tanzania?

Three flights in 24 hours! Malaria! It’ll be a completely different environment and cultural shock when compared with home. Seeing patients scarred from not having access to dental treatment is something I will need to face on the trip and for me as a human being and parent is a concern.

  • Many people have found visiting B2A’s project in Tanzania a profound and life-changing experience, how do you think your trip will affect you?

I went to Kenya on my honeymoon and seeing such wonderful sights filled me with great memories. But seeing the poverty had a big effect on my wife and I for a long time. It makes you realise how lucky we are here in the UK and are in a fortunate position to do something. I’m hopeful this trip will inspire me to raise even more money for B2A and generate more awareness of the charity, by getting more people on board throughout the industry.


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