Straumann® SMART Dental Implant Training brings together a range of components to help clinicians start out in the world of dental implants:

  • Classroom training
  • Online training
  • Mentoring programme
  • Continuing education
  • Lab communication
  • Practice marketing and patient communication

Kathy Jack Education Manager & ITI Administrator UK & Ireland comments: “Straumann® SMART provides an excellent combination of clinical education, product training, e-learning and the opportunity to benefit from one-to-one supervision by an experienced mentor to help you successfully establish yourself in the world of implant dentistry.”

Hands-on training

Our SMART solution introduces you to an experienced clinician who combines theory with hands-on exercises to guide you through the different steps of the implant treatment workflow. Each delegate is given the opportunity to treat patients, including placement in straightforward indications such as single tooth, 2-3 tooth space and an edentulous arch.

Modules – 2017

8th–10th June Module 1: Single Tooth
29th–30th June Module 2: Bounded 2-3 Tooth Space
13th–14th July Module 3: Overdentures
21st–23rd September Module 4: Restorative Overview

Over the four modules, delegates will gain an in-depth understanding of:

    • Patient selection and examination
    • Treatment planning and gaining patient consent
    • Implant design and selection
    • Basic surgical procedures including aseptic techniques
    • Restorative procedures, including uncovering of implant and impression taking
    • Lab communication
    • Fitting final restoration
    • Implant care and maintenance

Our speaker is Italian-born Dr Alfonso Rao, who graduated from the University of Chieti with distinction and worked as an oral surgeon in his native country until 2009 when he moved to the UK. Since then he has worked in numerous clinics and is now owner of Queen Square Dental and Implant Clinic in Bristol.

Dr Rao’s advanced training and vast knowledge provide him with the expertise to successfully deliver a variety of treatments, from simple cases to full mouth rehabilitation. As well as being a member of the Association of Dental Implantology and ITI, he is also an accredited Straumann Mentor.

Dr Alfonso Rao comments: “It’s a privileged to work on the STRAUMANN® SMART programme and I’m very much looking forward to passing on my knowledge and skills”.

Online training

The online training element of the course provides exclusive access to an optimal mix of practice-oriented training materials such as:

      • Interactive PDFs, comprising implant-related clinical theory and information on the step-by-step use of
        Straumann® key products
      • Clinical videos
      • Checklists, editable forms and patient information
      • Technical product information
      • Self-assessment tests
      • Access to selected ITI Online Academy learning modules

Mentoring programme

The SMART mentoring programme supports you as you transfer your training knowledge to your own practice as our experienced Mentors help you introduce an implant service into your practice, acquire suitable implant patients and increase your implant volume:

      • One-to-one supervision
      • Practice-based mentoring for the treatment of your first implant patients
      • Support with patient selection, treatment planning, implant surgery and related restorative work
      • Expert assessments and feedback

A simplified product portfolio

Dentists who step into implantology are confronted with a huge number of implant systems and components from different manufacturers. Selecting a reliable implant partner and optimal products is therefore not as easy as it might seem. Straumann® SMART helps reduce complexity by introducing only a limited number of key products.

Lab communication

Close interaction and effective communication between the implantologist and dental technician is crucial for a successful treatment outcome. Straumann® SMART helps you understand which information you should share with your lab partner, and how to best communicate at specific milestones throughout the treatment process to achieve the best possible results with optimum efficiency.

Practice and patient marketing

Implantologists also need to market the services they provide, educate their patients on different treatment options and put forward the case for implant treatment. Our training materials cover how to:

      • Structure a successful patient consultation
      • Discuss the optimal treatment plan with your patient along with risks, benefits and alternatives
      • Obtain your patient’s informed consent

We also provide patient information and marketing tool templates which you can use in your online and social media channels as well as in your dental practice such as:

      • Patient literature examples
      • Ready-made templates for patient communication
      • 3:1 models

STRAUMANN® SMART is a holistic solution specifically developed to enable dentists to successfully start and continue placing and/or restoring dental implants. Allowing dentists to grow their skills, knowledge and implant business with confidence.

To book your place or find out more information, please call the Straumann Education Department on +44 (0) 1293 651270.

Facebook: Straumann UK
Twitter: @StraumannUK

You can download the full Straumann® Education Brochure 2017 here.


Dr Alfonso RaoAlfonso Rao

Dip Dent Chieti / Dip Implant Dentistry (Eastman)

Master Clinician Program Implant Dentistry (GIDE)

Master Endodontic (Italy)


Born in Italy, Dr Alfonso Rao graduated from the University of Chieti with distinction. Until 2009, he worked at hospitals in Caserta, Napoli and Pescara as on oral surgeon before moving to England. Since then he has worked in numerous clinics between Bath, Bristol and Cheltenham.

As the owner of Queen Square Dental and Implant Clinic, Dr Rao believes strongly in 21st century dental technology. He is passionate about continuing his education and spent three years at the Eastman Dental Institute of London, where he completed a course in Implant Dentistry. He also has a Masters from the Global Institute for Dental Education in Los Angeles, which he obtained in 2014.

Dr Rao’s advanced training and vast knowledge provide him with the expertise to successfully deliver a variety of treatments, from a simple case to full mouth rehabilitation. As well as being a member of the Association of Dental Implantology and ITI he is also an accredited Straumann® Mentor.

Alfonso was also selected as a finalist in the 2015 and 2016 Young Dentist of the Year South Awards.

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