Custom abutments from simple to complex

Only a handful of the biggest labs have the capacity to do everything in-house. Everyone else must find a trusted partner with whom they can collaborate, especially when it comes to producing customised abutments that are compatible with most implant systems and can be adapted case by case.

This is where Createch Medical can help, a dental engineering company with a wide range of structure solutions for prostheses and an experienced outsourcing partner for labs all over the world.

In The A to C of successful outsourcing, we learnt that there is no comparable alternative to Createch for high-quality, customised abutments.

 C is for:

Customised: Createch Medical produce abutments out of cobalt-chrome and titanium, which are screwed directly to the implant and individually designed based on the final aesthetics of the tooth. No average values used here of the kind used for stock abutments by other providers. Designed on the basis of your detailed scan, they use the latest CAD/CAM technology to design accurate and precision-fit abutments with a personalised emergence profile.

Collaboration: Createch Medical can produce abutments for all situations from simple to complex, and can be considered by labs as an extension of their production facilities. Using a fully digitised workflow, collaboration with Createch is seamless and fast thanks to instant communication and the capability of their digital software to accept ‘.stl’ scan files and use sophisticated CAD/CAM technology to design and manufacture the abutments with breathtaking precision. You can even send in your intraoral scanner for optimisation to improve integration further. Working together is so much better than going it alone or outsourcing to an anonymous global manufacturer.

Customer service: Production Director, Xabier Egurbide: “We know that outsourcing is a relatively new concept in the dental lab industry but we can make a significant difference to the restorative portfolio a lab can offer. We believe working with an outsourcing partner is based on a simple formula: delivering high quality that meets the needs of labs every time.” Createch Medical also offer training and consultation for their customers to help them make the most of their services. Unlike alternative providers, we are a small company which cares about each individual customer and strives to give outstanding customer service.

Certified: Createch Medical have worked with hundreds of labs, helping them deliver highly bespoke implant restorations to exacting standards (certified European UNE-EN ISO standards to be exact) for their customers. For every prosthesis, they give their customers a fit warranty and a ‘Createch Excellence card’, their identification card which guarantees the authenticity of the framework, certifies the materials used for its manufacture and provides full traceability of the processes and material.

Capacity: Createch Medical is fundamentally a service company that is always there for its customers to provide the extra capacity and capabilities they require – whether they have reached full capacity themselves or if they need the extra capabilities and competences that Createch’s cutting-edge lab facilities can offer. Fast digital communication and advanced CAD/CAM processes enable a fast turnaround of every order. As a partner of Straumann, they can offer you a local service wherever you are in the world.

C is for custom abutments, and it’s clear there’s only one place to go: Createch Medical. Where Creativity meets Technology.

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