Cost-effective solutions for laboratories

Steve Booth, MD at Straumann UK, discusses the latest developments and most cost-effective solutions for UK laboratories.

CADCAM and digital technology is streamlining our businesses and making them more efficient. Business owners not only need to understand this and their role in a changing industry, but they must also continue to appreciate the value of their relationship with their dentist clients.

In terms of assuring patient outcomes, one of Straumann’s chief concerns is that laboratories and dentists should use original components. When people are looking to cut costs, it can be tempting to use non-original parts. We have recognised this issue and as a result offer the Straumann® Variobase™ Abutment, which enables technicians to choose an “off the shelf” rather than a custom abutment in the vast majority of cases, helping to control costs for both the dentist and the patient.

This new abutment can be used on either bone level or tissue level implants and delivers a highly cost-effective solution for screw-retained single crowns and cement-retained crowns and bridges. Consisting of a customised coping and a machined reliable, original Straumann abutment. The final restoration is bonded in the laboratory to the abutment with a high degree of accuracy, ready to be screwed into place by the clinician. This is just one example of how we are making it easier for laboratories to choose a high-quality customised abutment with an original Straumann implant connection, which is competitively priced!

Alongside this, our association with Createch, a high quality engineering company in Spain, represents another step along the digital pathway. Createch are manufacturing a specifically designed connection for Straumann implants, giving us access to technology we didn’t have previously. As a partnership this enables us to offer more complex, customised milling that provides a complete solution which is something we weren’t able to achieve previously with our original components.

Through these innovations and many more, we are working towards our objective for the future, which is to maintain our number one brand status. We are achieving this by making our business more customer-focused and aimed at helping our customers become the best that they can be via a wide range of strategies.

We understand that some laboratories have suffered in the last few years, but we believe that the market is recovering. Those laboratories which are flexible and able to react quickly to market opportunities will be best placed to take full advantage, and we will be ready to support them in whatever way we can.

Stephen Booth
Country Manager UK



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