Xabier Ergubide, Sales Director, reflects on Createch Medical’s bespoke approach to providing complex prosthetic structures to their customers and why a trusting, open relationship is the only way to meet their evolving needs.

In the world of CADCAM prosthetic structures, there are three crucial elements – extreme precision, cutting-edge technology and the agility to provide bespoke solutions for every case. Createch Medical, a Straumann Group partner, with our background in aeronautical engineering, have built a company with precision engineering and innovation at its very heart. In our state-of-the-art facilities near San Sebastian in Spain, we have the very latest technology and a team of experienced engineers and dental technicians who push the boundaries of what is possible to meet our customers’ needs.

Small, dynamic and fast

One of our strengths that has allowed us to meet our customers’ varying requirements is our ability to react quickly as a smaller, dynamic company. If a customer comes to us in a fix because they have a particularly challenging case or they don’t have a lot of time, we’re able to be flexible and help them out with our bespoke approach.

We also work in a very open way. Our management offices are on the same floor as the technicians and there’s no hierarchical structure. This encourages everyone to collaborate and contribute ideas which fosters creativity and innovation.

A strong ethos

When we started, we had one small machine in a building which looked like a garage. We had a vision which we worked on and slowly we grew into the company we are today. We have a strong ethical code which is founded upon honesty and integrity, which includes owning and learning from any mistakes. We also invest a huge amount of time in visiting and talking to our customers to understand their needs and help them meet the challenges they face. We see it as a two-way collaboration.

Still today, with the backing of the Straumann Group, we maintain this philosophy. Straumann recognised the value of our unique offering and actively support us in providing it, whilst enabling us to increase the volume of our output and our exposure in the dental market. With Straumann’s support, we benefit from their reputation for high quality and clinical research. In return, we’ve been able to add another important element to their all-solutions offering.


Our aim was always to provide all solutions, from a single custom abutment to highly complex frameworks that can only be successfully produced using CADCAM technology. Over the years we have learnt a great deal in terms of innovating solutions to deliver the needs of technicians and this is done via discussion with the lab, bouncing ideas of each other and pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved from both a technical and clinical perspective. We’ve also collaborated with maxillofacial surgeons who bring complex cases to us to which we apply our knowledge of different types of software and equipment to help them. They tell us what they want to achieve and we use our technology and knowledge to make it happen.

Precise manufacture and strict quality control

Our innovation extends to our digital equipment and laboratory environment too. We take care of the complete manufacturing process, from measuring implants with high-precision measuring equipment, through CADCAM design, simulation using finite element analysis (FEA) calculations right through to milling.


Our milling units are housed in temperature-controlled spaces with ‘floating floors’ which means they are not affected by surrounding vibrations from other machinery or outside traffic. We manufacture high-resistance structures, using medical-grade titanium and cobalt chrome, certified by UNE-EN ISO standards. The structures are milled, one-piece frameworks which are stronger than standard cast metal bars. The high-strength titanium alloy weighs less which makes it more comfortable for the patient.

The entire manufacturing process is also regulated by the strictest quality control regulations and checked by a dental technician before sending out to our customers’ labs for finishing. Each case is signed off against a checklist and then packed in special delivery boxes which have space for the models, any abutments or screws and a warranty card. The card contains the case number and the bar code which shows it has been certified and makes it fully traceable. If it should be lost in the post for any reason, we can call up the case and remanufacture in 24 hours.

Looking to the future

As the solutions for dental restorations become more and more sophisticated, the ability of single labs to be able to offer a full range of solutions in-house is decreasing. For this reason, the business model for dental laboratories is changing and it’s becoming more about finding the right partners to outsource to. Our customers are outsourcing their prosthetic structures to us and benefitting from our resources and expertise.

Our business is growing as we provide the solutions that our customers need, many of whom tell us that they are finding it harder and harder to find good lab technicians to employ. I’m happy to say that we have a low staff turnover, partly due to the amount of time we invest in training. We require them to be trained in both engineering and prosthetics, so if we hire a lab technician, we train them on engineering and if we hire an engineer we train them on prosthetics. It takes nine months before we put them on live cases and this ensures that they are skilled enough to achieve the quality we are known for.

Our objective has never been to be the biggest or to make the most profit. We have always wanted to build a business which is here for the long term. We want to maintain steady growth by building on our strong foundations and the trust that our customers have in us to deliver results.

For me personally, I want to be able to look our customers in the eye secure in our integrity and confident in our ability to deliver the solutions they require and carry on building open relationships with all our partners.

For more information on how your lab can benefit from the services that Createch provide, visit www.createchmedical.com.




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