mind the gap platform

We are all very familiar with this iconic phrase warning people to be wary of the gap between the train and the platform. But these words are also crucial when it comes to selecting a supplier for the construction of a custom abutment.

The micro-gap between the abutment and implant junction is a critical factor in the long-term success of the implant and its vital that custom abutments are produced using exacting data to minimise issues.

 If incorrect data is used to create a custom abutment this can lead to the risk of bacterial colonisation(i) as the space can permit the intrusion of fluids and macromolecules from tissue fluids and saliva, providing a safe harbour where bacteria can thrive.

This may lead to infection and bone loss and pose a risk to systemic health, similar to periodontitis. According to a recent study into the micro-gap, “Gaps and cavities are formed between the implant and the abutment which lead to microbial leakage. This leakage is a major contributing factor for peri-implant inflammatory reactions. The penetration of oral microorganisms through the implant abutment interface may produce soft-tissue inflammation and constitute risk to the clinical success of the implants.”(i)

When working with two-piece abutments the presence of micro-gaps between the fixture and the abutment components of the assembled system is unavoidable, so the best possible outcome is minimisation which can only be achieved with most precise custom abutment systems and access to the highest quality data.

Createch custom abutments

Dental engineering company Createch Medical specialises in the research, development and manufacture of high quality, innovative, implant-borne prosthetics and produces single custom abutments in a cost effective and efficient way for around 600 implant systems and they are the only outsourcing provider to hold the correct measurement data for Straumann and Neodent which gives them a huge competitive advantage.

When it comes to delivering patient specific implant abutments and restorations it can be a challenge for labs to offer a full range of options across multiple implant systems, but Createch have the flexibility and capacity to deliver a wide range of solutions, from single custom abutments, to highly complex full arch solutions.

By using a trusted partner, labs can increase their capacity and at the same time provide predictable high-quality restorations that stand the test of time.

For more information on how your lab can benefit from the services that Createch provide, visit www.createchmedical.com.

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