Labs often have split responsibilities. The first is to manage their day-to-day workflow, which involves standardised, routine procedures. The second is to fulfil the needs of clients requesting more complex restorations that require new ways of working. This is especially true when it comes to delivering patient specific implant abutments and restorations and it can be a challenge for labs to offer a full range of options across multiple implant systems. Yet there is a solution in trusted outsourcing.


An experienced partner

An experienced outsourcing partner should be considered an extension of a lab’s production facilities, and companies like Createch Medical, based in northern Spain, can consistently and cost-effectively deliver custom-abutments for most implant systems with a high degree of accuracy, in fast turnaround times. These services are available to small labs that are seeking scanning and milling of the occasional custom abutment and to larger labs that need a daily turnaround of digital files to meet their production capacity.

An outsourcing partner like Createch Medical can also expand a lab’s production portfolio with new capabilities and enable them to leverage expertise. Createch Medical’s Production Director Xabier Egurbide comments: “We have worked with hundreds of labs, helping them deliver highly bespoke implant restorations to exacting standards for their customers.”

“We pride ourselves on working with labs to help them understand more about the digital workflow and how this can help them achieve their goals. We know that outsourcing is a relatively new concept in the dental lab industry, but we can make a significant difference to the restorative portfolio a lab can offer.”


“We are a true partner, working only with labs to help them further their business”. Xabier goes on to say: “Labs often think we are only able to produce large complex frameworks, but we produce single custom abutments in a cost effective and efficient way for around 600 implant systems and we welcome this type of work from all over the world”.

Many labs are already using an outsourced provider who can provide these services and it can sometimes seem more work to ‘switch’ to a new supplier. However, Createch’s unbeatable customer service can make the process very straightforward as ultimately, both the lab and Createch share the same same goal: to achieve the very best result for the patient, without compromising on quality.

Quality results

Labs outsourcing to Createch are supported by an online portal that offers real-time design feedback—including material specifications and quantity detail. With the design and manufacturing stages seamlessly linked, custom abutments can be completed in a short turnaround time and customers can have restorations in hand within days. “We believe working with an outsourcing partner is based on a simple formula: delivering high quality that meets the needs of labs every time,” added Xabier.

Createch is fundamentally a service company that is able to adapt to the new needs of the market and individual labs. They have the flexibility and capacity to deliver a wide range of solutions, from single custom abutments, to highly complex full arch solutions. By using an outsourced solution for some of their work, labs can increase their capacity and at the same time provide predictable high-quality restorations, which in these days of increased staffing costs should be good news for most labs.

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