Whilst CADCAM production does not guarantee any increase in accuracy – nor has it ever claimed to do so – it certainly has increased predictability and reliability of abutment / framework production.

CADCAM production involves three consecutive steps:

  • Scanning of the working model
  • CAD design
  • CAM fabrication

We can either scan a conventional implant stone model or utilise intraoral scanning technology – either way gives us a digital 3D representation.

The technician can then utilise software to CAD design the 3D outline of the final implant component – either a single abutment or multiple unit framework.

Once agreed the CAM process produces the implant component within specified tolerances. The Implant abutments and frameworks are milled from a central Createch/Straumann milling site.

Due to the digital nature of CADCAM and nil physical human input we can very specifically know our engineering tolerances. There are very few compounding inaccuracies.

CADCAM abutments combine the best bits of both Stock and Customisable abutments.

We can guarantee predictable fit and durability, but we can also modify emergence profile, prosthesis finishing line height, thickness, and external contour BUT also now we can correct implant angulation up to 25 degrees.

CADCAM produced implant frameworks are as accurate as the most accurate of the conventional techniques – they definitely provide a more consistent outcome. However, at the moment due to the ever-developing world of CAD CAM implant dentistry we are basing our results on clinician and laboratory experience and we are still awaiting more clinical studies for the confirmation.

This is extrapolated from the milling process – which does not alter the precision of the implant abutment connection but is restricted to the external surfaces.

The release of the implant connection design to Createch now allows us to provide a guaranteed implant abutment interface with a third party company – although it is a part of the Straumann umbrella. This in turn allows us to engage the fantastic Straumann internal taper connection and match the same alloy material for the framework. Thus ensuring we have full faith in the quality and tolerances of the restorative options we choose.

Dr Ross CuttsDr Ross Cutts, B.D.S. (Lond) Dip Imp Dent RCS (Eng)
Principal of Cirencester Dental Practice & Stow-on-the-Wold Dental Practices 

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