Hard and soft tissue surgery, along with implant placement has advanced significantly over the past few years to such an extent that we are now able to offer patients very predictable outcomes using a combination of research and highly developed dental implants and regeneration materials.

The need for bone augmentation, so often required for optimum form and integration with implant and re-constructive surgery, has led to an increasing number of well-designed, soft and hard tissue products which help reduce complications and often, second stage intervention.

Today around 50% of implant cases require some augmentation of the hard and or the soft tissue. The partnership between Straumann and botiss should greatly benefit both as well as the operating clinicians who are confronted by the natural defects of the patient’s oral anatomy on a daily basis. This will provide a useful overlap and a helpful addition to the oral surgery in all its forms. Some innovative products in a combined catalogue for grafting and repair of soft and hard tissue, a must-have for those who are seriously pursuing the growth of implant restoration and placement in their practice.

The botiss regeneration system offers a unique systematic Bone and Tissue Regeneration (BTR) approach, the complete regenerative biomaterial portfolio for implantology, oral surgery and periodontology out of one hand. It is well understood that no single bone graft or soft tissue biomaterial is able to suit all medical needs, biologic situations and indications. A variety of factors (indication, age, hygiene, biotype, bone height, treatment plan) require a sophisticated approach with different, coordinated products.

To achieve optimal, predictable results, the botiss system includes all long-term proven biologic materials (bovine, synthetic, allografts, collagen, granules, blocks, membranes, soft tissue matrix), matched to each other for specific indications. The products are produced with the highest quality standards and all products are strictly biologic (e.g. no chemical cross-linking). Patient safety, ease of use, reliable and predictable treatment results – these are your and our first priorities. The products of the botiss regeneration system have proven their success (safety, efficacy, reliability) in a multitude of preclinical and clinical studies and, even more important, in the daily clinical work with hundreds of thousands of patients worldwide.

To aid the development and clinical use of bone and tissue regeneration materials Straumann and botiss have teamed up to provide a complete dental regeneration with Straumann having exclusive rights to distribute the botiss regenerative system in the UK and Ireland.

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