Dr. Charlotte Stilwell talks about the advantages of the Straumann® Novaloc Retentive System for hybrid dentures which was introduced in the second half of 2017.

Among the first users, she was able to gather a very positive experience with about 10 patients over an observation period of 6 months. Basically, the Straumann® Novaloc® Retentive System helps to overcome the limits of existing denture attachment systems in challenging implant situations.

It offers an innovative carbon-based abutment coating (amorphous diamond-like carbon) with excellent wear resistance, overcoming up to 60° implant divergence. Both abutments – straight and with 15° angulation (available in various gingiva heights) – cover a broad range of clinical implant situations. Together with its durable PEEK2 matrices, it provides a reliable, enduring connection resulting in low maintenance and high patient comfort.


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